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Música Latina
An overview of producing popular Latin Music within North America

Seb, Gus and Juan talked about the experience of Los Angeles.  Seb said, “It took me a year to get used to the fact that everyone seemed to be connected to entertainment in some way, and just because my kid was playing hockey with Alex Van Halen’s kid, it didn’t mean that I was going to work with him.  I had to change the way that I marketed myself, and just realize that opportunities would come just by being in LA and being present, but not pushing my way in in the way I was used to.”  Gus noted, “In the last twenty years, people have learned to do our stuff.  It used to be only a few people in every country knew  how to do stuff, but now there are great engineers everywhere.  But big budgets come to LA for good musicians and the nice spaces.  If you want a guitar in LA, a '57 Les Paul, you’ll get one in fifteen minutes, any kind of amp, any kind of keyboard.”  Seb responded, “I think it has to do with attitude.  I feel like when you live in a place where things are professionalized, there’s just a different attitude.  In a smaller location, people will ask what does a job pay, where here, they’ll ask, tell me about the project, what kind of music is it?  It’s more about that attitude of what can my contribution be to what you’re doing.  You’ll have a legendary musician like Abe Laboriel Jr to play drums, and he’ll come and work with complete dedication and professionalism no matter how small the project.  It’s a consistency in attitude.”   Juan also added, “Yeah, it’s like another planet, coming from Spain.  Not just musically, it was different in all aspects, but it’s a place where things happen.”

The AES Los Angeles Section is grateful for our guests’ contributions Tuesday night and appreciates their sense of optimism about the possibilities of creative musical production in LA.  

….Recap by John Svetlik

Nominations are open for the AES-LA Section Executive Committee
At the upcoming April general membership meeting, the AES-LA Nominations Committee will present its slate of nominations for the open officer and executive committee member positions.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor at this meeting and nominations will close at the end of the April meeting for inclusion on the May ballot.

All AES members in good standing, with the exception of student members, who are interested in filling these positions should attend the April meeting or, if you cannot attend, you can contact by email, any AES-LA officer or current committee member as listed on our website’s homepage, before the conclusion of the April meeting, accepting nomination for the desired position.

You may also send to the following address: AES-LA NOMINATION COMMITTEE, P. O. Box 8343, Mission Hills, Ca.  91346-8343, a signed letter, that must be received before the date of the April meeting, accepting nomination for the desired position.
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