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To meet and talk with other members of the audio industry and have the opportunity to learn directly from recognized experts in the audio field.

To be in contact with the most up-to-date products in the market and have access to the latest developments by researchers.

To participate in your local Section meetings, workshops and discussion forums.

To receive the monthly Journal of the AES, either printed or online, and receive AES electronic news, regularly.

Students: the AES is the perfect complement to Your Audio Education.



Welcome to the Audio Engineering Society  
Los Angeles Section

Our Mission is to preserve timeless audio principles and maintain a working body of knowledge for current and future audio applications through outstanding education and technical programming, and connecting our members.

AES-LA has over 1000 members spanning multiple audio genres including: Recording, Live Sound, Broadcast, Film Production, Film Post-Production, Product Development, Software Development, System Design & Integration, and Gaming.  No matter what your expertise, there is always a fellow AES member with similar interests and experiences.

We are planning an exciting year of activity that includes insightful programs, stronger communication and outreach, and more opportunities to network with one another.  In short, we are “Putting It in the Red” this year!

Please join us for our monthly meetings which are FREE and open to members, audio enthusiasts and audio professionals. If audio is important to you, we would like to meet you!

Last but not least, AES-LA’s programming and activities are driven by generous volunteer efforts by both the Executive Committee and members at large.  We always are in need of volunteers to help with programming, communications, outreach, and special events.  Please contact any member of the Executive Committee (see Home Pageor About Us) if you have programming ideas, or would like to help in other areas.

On behalf of the entire AES-LA Executive Committee, thank you for vising our website and we look forward to meeting you at our next meeting.

Best regards

Brian Seagrave
 June 2017 - May 2018

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