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Making a Webpage to Teach
a DAW or NLE New tricks

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Compare that number with the almost 1 billion websites measured by Netcraft’s annual Web Server Survey. It follows, therefore  that there are more people in this world who can, and have, made websites using HTML and JavaScript, as opposed to people who can build an audio processing plug-in. What if you could teach your Digital Audio Workstations or Non-linear Editing Systems new tricks by simply making a webpage?



Charles Van Winkle has been with Adobe for 12 years, focused on professional audio. He has worked as both a quality engineer and as a developer for Adobe Audition, Adobe Soundbooth, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Despite being awarded multiple patents, Charles prefers to stay close to users, whether via online forums, or in the studio. As a proud AES member, Charles serves on multiple AES Standards & Technical Committees and has spoken at several AES events.

Karl Soule has been with Adobe for 10 years, focused on growing and evangelizing the use of the Pro Video applications. Before moving to Los Angeles earlier this year, Karl was based in Singapore and focused on growing the Asian video, film and broadcasting business. Now, he is working with broadcasters in the LA region, and helping to grow the presence of Adobe Premiere Pro in Hollywood and the feature-film community worldwide.

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